When Should I Renew My EHIC Card?

When you obtain your EHIC card it will have an expiry date listed on the card. This expiry date is usually 5 years after the card has been received. You should renew your EHIC card when the expiry date is approaching, or if you have lost or misplaced your EHIC card. It’s important to make sure you check your EHIC card is in date before you travel, as you won’t be covered for medical treatment abroad without it. EHIC renewals are generally quick, a new card will arrive within seven days, but it’s important to remember to leave plenty of time before your holiday to complete your application form just in case.

It’s a good idea to renew your EHIC card early if you notice it is due to expire later in the year, you are only permitted to renew up to six months before the expiry date. A valid EHIC card gives you access to medical treatment while you are travelling, regardless of whether it is for business or vacation purposes. It’s in your own interest to make sure you have checked whether your EHIC card is up-to-date and have applied for renewal in plenty of time before your trip to Europe. An expired EHIC card will not be taken into consideration, even if you have used it in the past, you didn’t realise it had expired and you can prove that it is yours.

To renew your EHIC card you will need to know your EHIC pin, which is provided on the card next to your date of birth. You will also need to provide basic personal information such as your NHS or National Insurance number and your address. If you have lost your EHIC pin and card you can still renew your card by completing the online form.

Remember, even with a valid EHIC card some countries still charge for the cost of medical treatment but you will be charged at a reduced cost than without your EHIC card.