Top 5 Places To Visit In The Colder Months

Taking a break from the cold, winter weather can do us a world of good, but when it comes to arranging, a winter escape, many are unsure where to travel to.  Fortunately, we’re here to help. All you need to do is simply apply for your European health insurance card and get set to embark on your dream winter wonderland holiday to Europe. Here are our top 5 picks for the best European destinations

Venice, Italy

Like many countries across Europe, there is a high and low season. During the summer months you are likely to be met with large crowds and extortionate prices, but if you visit in the winter months, it is an entirely different story. The crowds are vastly reduced and the prices for the likes of accommodation and food are far more affordable, making it an ideal time of year to experience everything that this romantic city has to offer. With points of interest such as the canals and the tourist locations being far less crowded, you can explore in comfort – without having to queue under the blazing sun.

Berlin, Germany

Berlin is truly magical in the winter months. With Christmas markets offering you a little snippet of culture this beautiful place transforms into a truly spectacular winter wonderland. What’s more, with all the iconic tourist attractions dusted in a coating of pristine white snow and the locals heading out to make the most of the cool weather, this iconic city is the ideal destination for anyone looking for a romantic getaway.

Paris, France

This romantic location is a bucket list destination for many no matter the time of year. During the winter months, the city of love becomes far less crowded, but for many, this isn’t an issue. With the opportunity to explore the hidden gems of Paris without the crowds, you can truly enjoy everything this magnificent city has to offer. However, when visiting in the winter months, it is important to note that the weather conditions can be uncertain. As a result, some of the main attractions such as the Eiffel Tower may close. However, this should not ruin your trip; there is plenty more for you to explore!

Munich, Germany

Despite the bitterly cold temperatures that require you to wrap up warm, this iconic city is transformed into a winter wonderland during the winter months. Whether you are looking to skate around a frozen lake with some of the locals or want to explore the unmissable city sights, there is just as much to embrace here in the winter as there is during the summer months. If you are visiting around Christmas time, there is also plenty for you to explore, with Christmas markets and decorations scattered across the city.

Edinburgh, Scotland

This historic city is home to amazing architecture and outstanding culture all year round, however, the atmosphere really comes to life when visiting in the winter months. Whether you choose to sit within the iconic café were J.K Rowling penned the very beginnings of the Harry Potter series for a warming drink, or you decide to brace the weather and explore the market stalls and small side streets there is always something for you to do when visiting Edinburgh.

With all of this in mind, the best time to travel to all your dream destinations is within the winter months – just be sure to pack your scarf, hat and thermal gloves!

Safe travels!