How To Snap The Perfect Sunset

When looking for the perfect sunset, it is important to consider every aspect. What is the best time of day for you to capture this photo? What location are you going to? What camera are you going to take? All of these questions are very important factors which will contribute to the success of your sunset snap. Within this post, we are going to look at how to snap the perfect sunset picture that not only stands out but impresses all your friends and family, too!

Location Is Key

When looking to take the perfect sunset photo, the first thing to consider is location. With millions of stunning locations all over the world, you can begin the ultimate adventure of travelling abroad in search of the stunning sunset you always wanted. However, there are important aspects to consider before going away on your travels, such as accommodation and how you’re getting there, as well as health check-ups and packing. When travelling abroad it is important that not only your camera equipment is protected but also that your healthcare is covered, so you can enjoy your time away without any issues. If you’re heading to Europe for example, make sure to apply for an EHIC card alongside your travel insurance, so you can be safe when searching for your sunset.


When looking to take the perfect photograph of a sunset, the equipment that you are using will almost certainly enhance how the image looks. A digital SLR is a popular choice for most as it allows the photographer to view the image as it is being taken. With many different models on the market, there is a camera to suit every skill level, so make sure you’re packing the right one!


Depending on the overall plan for the image and the level of width that you want for your image, there are a few different lenses that you can choose from. For example, a wide angled lens allows you to fit more into the image than a standard lens, which will enhance the image and get more detail within the image as a whole. However, a telephoto lens can be used from a long distance in order to focus on the setting sun and enhance the overall look of the image by allowing the audience to focus on one specific element rather than the location as a whole. Each of these lenses will be useful depending on the photographer’s creative intention and what they want the final outcome of the image to be.

Time Of Photo Shoot

This is by far the most important aspect when photographing a sunset because timing is everything. Before heading out on your shoot, it is important to know when the sun is due to set and base timings around that. The best time to go to your photoshoot is an hour before the sun is due to set, which is referred to as the golden hour. The golden hour makes for high-quality images as the light is redder and softer than it would be if the sun was higher in the sky, therefore creating an opportunity for unique shadows to be cast and the water to appear glossy. This unique lighting makes each image look different and gives you the opportunity to take multiple images using the soft light. During this period of time, the sky also changes colour, which can enhance your images by adding depth, while also making any cloud formations appear more prominent.

Each of the above elements is fundamental to taking the picture of a perfect sunset no matter where you are in the world. It is important to not only plan the image you are going to take but also allow yourself to enjoy the process, as the levels of creativity will rise if you are enjoying the style of image that you are taking.