What To Pack For A Cold Weather Trip

While we all love a good summer holiday every once in a while, a cold weather trip can be just as exhilarating from time to time. However, as you’d expect, packing for a cold weather trip is completely different compared to your classic summer holiday, and you’ll find yourself replacing swimsuits with thermals and sunglasses with scarves. Either way, if you’ve planned a holiday to Finland or Norway, and have renewed your EHIC, we would highly recommend the following items before embarking on your chilly adventure.


Depending on the hotel that you decide to stay in, many will offer complementary tea and coffee with the room service. While this is often best enjoyed while waking up under the warm sheets, we’d suggest saving your beverage of choice for until you venture outside. As a result, ensure you pack a high-quality flask with you. This will allow you to bring your hot drink of choice out into the sub-zero temperatures, warming your hands and body. Reading this, you might assume that it wouldn’t make much of a difference, but when the wind is blowing fiercely and knocking the warmth out of you, you’ll appreciate a hot brew.

Every Base Layer You Can Find

Many people ignore base layers simply because they feel as though the thinness of them is pointless, however when buying a high-quality base layer, you can often find it keeps you more warm than a giant, woolly jumper! As we’ve mentioned, a cold wind can knock warmth out of you easily, however with a skin-tight, thermal base layer, you can maintain as much warmth as possible. If you’re visiting a country that’s prone to temperatures below the -5oC mark, we would suggest opting for a long-sleeved base layer shirt.

Insulated Footwear

Your feet are possibly the only part of your body that has direct contact with the freezing weather if there’s snow on the ground, so you’ll want to keep them as toasty as possible. In order to achieve this, we suggest investing in thermal socks, with a pair of thick, stocky boots on top. Not only will a good pair of boots shield your feet from the cold, but they’ll also provide you with the grip and friction that you need when walking on icy terrain. Take your time when shopping for snow-sufficient boots, as you definitely don’t want a pair that’s uncomfortable or too heavy when trying to walk.

Layers Galore

When visiting the colder countries, you really can’t have enough layers. Once you have your base layer sorted, you then need to move onto shirts, jumpers, fleeces, coats and all of the accessories that you can find! When opting for coats and jumpers, we would highly recommend choosing clothing items that are black, as even though these countries can be subject to freezing temperatures, the sun is often still beaming in the sky. As a result, the black colour of your clothes can absorb the sun’s beams and insulate your body even further, keeping you warm throughout your trip.

Cold weather trips can be just as fun as any other, with activities such as skiing and snowboarding on offer to keep everyone entertained. Nobody enjoys perishing in freezing cold weathers, however by packing these essentials with you, you can remain toasty and warm despite biting cold.