How Do I Renew My EHIC Card Online?

It is straightforward and quick to renew your EHIC card online. All you need to do is complete our online form with the following personal details; your date of birth, your full address and postcode, your NHS or National Insurance Number and your EHIC pin. If, for any reason, you do not know your EHIC pin you can still renew your EHIC card online. If you’re renewing EHIC cards for more than one person, such as if your whole family’s cards have expired, then you’ll need to complete their details as well.

After the form has completed, you simply press confirm, pay for the checking service and, once payment has been received, we will check all of your details to ensure that your application will be accepted first-time. This ensures that you’ll receive your EHIC card within plenty of time for your next holiday or trip abroad, without any additional worry or hassle with completing the form multiple times or having your request rejected due to a small error.

Don’t forget, you can only renew your EHIC card up to six months before its expiry date. So, if you, it’s a good idea to set a reminder so you can renew your EHIC application when the time is right. There is nothing more stressful than getting your important documents ready for a holiday, such as your passport and travel insurance, only to realise that your EHIC card has expired. It’s a risk to both you and your family to travel without a valid EHIC card, as you won’t be covered for state medical care without it.

If you apply directly, you won’t receive our comprehensive checking service to ensure that your application is accepted on the first attempt. If you are pressed for time, or require expert assistance from our team due to language difficulties, we can help to make the process of renewing your EHIC card online stress-free and straightforward.

Remember, although parents and guardians are able to apply for an EHIC card on behalf of children, they still need their own EHIC card in order to qualify for medical treatment in EEA countries and Switzerland. Children are classified as individuals who are under the age of 16, once your children are over 16 they will need to complete their own EHIC card renewal application. So, if your child’s EHIC card has not arrived within a few weeks of your holiday you’ll need to make sure that you follow up. Please note that we do not provide or issue the EHIC cards ourselves, this can only be done by the NHS.