Family-Friendly Cities In Europe For An Easy Break

When life becomes a little too much and you simply seek a quick getaway, this is often too difficult to achieve when you have children to look after. Luckily, across Europe, there are many fantastic locations for families, allowing both the adults and the children to enjoy themselves in each other’s company. If you’re desperately searching for a holiday destination, but you’re unsure about which cities are family-friendly, we have all of the answers here.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Amsterdam is known as being a popular destination for young travellers on the party prowl, however it also makes the perfect location for families. In Amsterdam, there are numerous different attractions that kids and parents alike will enjoy, such as The Anne Frank House, which is not only interesting, but could also help children with a history project in school! Additionally, you can embark on a sweet family bike ride, as you hire out a bicycle each and tour around the city, admiring the stunning views of the shimmering lake and the bespoke Netherlandish architecture. Plus, even the fussiest of eaters will get by in Amsterdam – who doesn’t love pancakes and chips, after all?

Paris, France

Paris has something for all ages. Travelling to Paris from the UK takes virtually no time at all whether you decide to visit by plane or train, keeping the chance of bored tantrums to a minimum. Once you’re there, kids will love to marvel at the famous landmarks, while the museums and art galleries will be loved by both parents and children. Additionally, Paris tries its hardest to cater for families, as you can often find carousels scattered around the bigger monuments, giving your children a quick fix of play time before embarking on more adventures – and need I even mention Disneyland?

Copenhagen, Denmark

Any family member can enjoy themselves when taking a trip to Copenhagen. To start off with, you can visit the famous not-quite-Disney-esque monument of The Little Mermaid. Then, if you’re looking for an attraction that offers plenty of thrill and excitement, Copenhagen is home to two – Bakken and Tivoli Gardens. Both parks are utterly spectacular, with Tivoli Gardens being home to the world’s tallest carousel which the kids are bound to enjoy. Furthermore, if you want to delve deeper into the history, you can all arrive to the National Museum of Denmark dressed up as Vikings, making for the perfect family day out.

Barcelona, Spain

All of the above cities are better for those wanting to properly explore and visit Europe’s most enchanting landmarks, but what if you want a family holiday where you can lay on the beach and soak up the sun? If that sounds like you, a trip to Barcelona with the kids would be perfect. Here, you can feel the sun beaming on your skin, while your kids enjoy numerous water parks and other attractions by the beach! The Aquarium in Barcelona is home to 450 different animal species, which is bound to keep both parents and kids fascinated.

When blessed with kids, many parents wave goodbye to holiday opportunities and accept the fact that they can no longer enjoy time abroad, however this assumption is entirely wrong. As you can see, once you’ve applied for your European Health Card, there are plenty of destinations available perfect for families of all sizes and preferences, so you can enjoy a quick getaway whenever you wish!