The Best Glamping Destinations In Europe

When it comes to ordinary camping, a lot of people turn their nose up at the opportunity to get their hands dirty in the countryside. However, camping doesn’t have to be so unsophisticated. Equip it with some luxury, and BAM – you have ‘glamping’! Glamping has been massively popular over the last few years, offering a completely new yet equally as enjoyable experience for those interesting in the camping lifestyle yet not wanting to live without their precious luxuries. Here, we’re taking a look at some of the best glamping destinations around Europe.

Eco Luxury Yurt Suite, Lanzarote

You could visit Lanzarote with the intention of lapping up the sun on a stunning sun lounger, or alternatively you could visit their stunning glamping campsite, the Eco Luxury Yurt Suite. This site can sleep up to 5 people, perfect for the ultimate girl glamour party, and is decorated with lavish materials and fabrics to completely encapsulate yourself in luxury. Furthermore, unlike the sleeping bags you face when camping traditionally, here you can catch all the winks you need in their king-size bed! The Yurt Suite is only 30km from the capital of Arrecife, so you really can’t go wrong when choosing the Yurt Suite as your glamp site!

Mongolian Yurts, Switzerland

If you want something a little less conventional, why not decide to go glamping in Switzerland at the Mongolian Yurts? Situated in the charming meadows on the summit of the Rochers-de-Naye, you can rest assured that there’ll be plenty of picture perfect moments throughout your stay. All of the yurts are fully insulated, so you can still stay cosy and warm on those snowy winter nights and marvel at the winter wonderland outside. There has never been a more beautiful sunset than the one over the Lake Geneva either, so this is perfect for those looking for the most stunning scenery around.

Teapot Lane Luxury Camp, Ireland

We found this glamping destination quite frankly adorable, and simply had to feature it on our list. This was one of Ireland’s very first luxury yurt camps, located in the enchanting 50 acres of woodland with yurts being able to sleep between two to five people, with none other than the highly luxurious king size beds. Here, you can cook up a storm with their self-catering facilities, as well as enjoy a relaxing swing in your hammock to properly immerse yourself in the woodland atmosphere. Alternatively, if you’d like to get a little more stuck in, you could even go surfing at nearby Bundoran, so this truly is a glamp site perfect for all personalities.

Casas Karen, Spain

You could argue that this is a miniscule rustic village as opposed to a campsite, but either way we simply had to include it on our list down to its unconventional views of glamping. Concealed beneath the tall umbrella pine trees and nestled comfortably on the sand dunes, a stay at the Casas Karen is an unforgettable experience. The site itself is complete with traditional thatched Spanish huts, all made of straw and bamboo for Spanish authenticity. Your stay here is complete with a pristine kitchen, dining area and lounge, so you can take complete control of your stay. Plus, with yoga and meditation activities on offer, you can really indulge in some overdue ‘me’ time at this glamping destination.

Regarding that you pack your EHIC Card in the event of an unexpected medical emergency, a stay at one of these European glamp sites will be one to remember for a very long time. Whether you decide to stay somewhere more orthodox such as Lanzarote or Spain, or you decide to think outside of the box in Switzerland, there’s a glamping destination for everyone.