The Best Towns & Cities To Visit In France This Year

With some of the most picturesque locations in France you are spoilt for choice when choosing where to visit, whether it be strolling along the bank of River Seine in Paris or sipping on some fine wine in Bordeaux, France really does have something for everyone. Here, we are going to look at the best towns and cities to visit in France this year and what makes them all unique.


With stunning views and amazing ports, this edgy and dynamic city is a wonderful place to visit when travelling to France. With amazing sunsets as well as unique kayaking spots there is an activity no matter the weather. When travelling to Marseille it is important to ensure that you have all the necessary healthcare and with services such as European Health Cards, it is now easier than ever to have access to outstanding medical care if needed throughout your stay. Allowing you to enjoy the sights and activities with not a care in the world.


Widely considered to be the wine capital of France, Bordeaux has many different attractions to suit all. With a bustling nightlife in addition to museums and popular wine tours, there is an activity for any part of the day allowing you to take in the amazing views and culture whilst sipping on the finest of French wine. Bordeaux is the perfect combination of history and amazing architecture with modern art and an amazing rail system, this city is perfect for historians and art lovers alike.


Rich in culture and luxurious living, the city of love is a location that is perfect to visit all year round, with many iconic locations such as the Eiffel Tower and the River Seine there is never a dull moment whether travelling alone or with a loved one. The best of fine dining can be found around every corner allowing you to live the life of luxury with lavish food and the finest of wines whilst getting lost in the culture that is within this iconic city. Alongside all the fancy museums, Paris at night is a true sight to behold, with the Eiffel tower twinkling and the side streets lit it is an amazing city to photograph, with many opportunities around every corner you can rest assured that you will not be disappointed.


Similar to Paris, Versailles is full to the brim with history. This iconic city was originally built around the palace of Versailles built by Louis XIV and was the hub for the government for over 100 years, with important treaties such as the treaty of Versailles having been signed here it is a must-see for any historian! With the palace of Versailles acting as the main attraction to this stunning city it really is a sight to behold with the extravagant lifestyle of the French aristocracy within every aspect of this palace and truly is an example of the life of luxury often associated with the French way of life.

Each of the above cities are a must see when visiting France on your travels this year, with history around every corner and stunning views that are sure to make anyone jealous, each city is a sight to behold. Enjoy!